Mix & Match Costume Supplies at Party City
Creative Ideas to Customize your Halloween Costume

When Chuze scored a Party City coupon for Halloween, I spent lots of time getting exploring their offerings to see if there was anything I really loved. One of the big surprises was the Make Your Costume section, which went well beyond the usual bagged costumes.

I thought it was so cool, I asked a blogger friend (our Digital PR Wizard, Tara Settembre) to check out her local Party City and report back. Her kids were already set to dress up as Ninja Turtles, so Tara customized costumes for the whole family to go along. The best part? For me, it’s definitely Tara’s own adorable-as-all-get-out Ninja Turtle outfit, with a skirt, t shirt and Cowabunga headband. You can check out Tara’s Party City haul here.

I like costumes that leave some space for creativity and customization, even if they’re store-bought. So I appreciate what Party City is doing here. You can spice up something you have with real-deal character accessories, upgrade your store bought costume to legendary status (I’m feeling the sunglasses), or do something that’s make a mashup costume (Star Wars Elsa? Teenage Minion Ninja Turtle?)

As Tara pointed out, this is a great way to deal with the weather where you live. She can put together something cool for her Florida home, and I can bundle my babies up here in New York.

One stop shopping, creativity and practicality. Well done, Party City.

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