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The Teal Pumpkin Product

When we first had the idea to bundle together coupons, recipes and ideas that work together, our lovely Design Director Lisa shared her wish list.

She really wanted to see bundles built around the product research she doesn’t have time to do herself.

Things like nontoxic baby products. Birthdays without food dyes. Companies that contribute to humanitarian or environmental causes.

To honor Lisa’s request, we’re launching our very first bundle with The Teal Pumpkin Project in mind. I’m painting a pumpkin teal, giving non-edible treats and I’ll post about it on our new Instagram account @getchuze!

So, behold my Party City shopping cart, full of the best scares and cares I could find for my neighborhood boos and ghouls.

Glow Stick Set 120pc

Why I love this: My 4 year old has a real fixation with glow sticks, and these are really affordable, even without our 20% off Party City coupon.

Candy Free Options with Chuze

Ping Pong Eyeballs 10ct

Why I love this: Cheap, weird and a ping pong ball. (I’m getting these because my inner child wants them. And I think bigger kids will enjoy them, too.)

Candy Free Options with Chuze

Monster Eye Bounce Balls 24ct

Why I love this: These will look great in a big cauldron with the Ping Pong Eyeballs, no? Also, affordable, playful and a bit spooky.

Candy Free Options with Chuze

Halloween Glow in the Dark Temporary Tattoos 120ct

Why I love this: Kids of all ages love tattoos, they don’t break the bank, and check out the delightfully cheeky and modern designs!

Candy Free Options with Chuze

Halloween Fun Tattoos 120ct

Why I love this: Variety! This pack has wee jack-o-lanterns for the wee-est trick or treaters, and a few surprises like spooky eyes, a creepy ghoul and a bloody BOO!

Add in our 20% off coupon and you can bask in the adoration of neighborhood kids (and parents), do a sweet thing for kiddos with food allergies, and get major bang for your buck.

Candy Free Options with Chuze

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