Science now confirms our theory that lists make life better.

Neuroscience professor Daniel Levitin says THIS is how to be more productive: Make lists.

Yes! It’s that simple. Since we can only hold about 4 things in our mind at once, getting it all out–and onto a list–frees up your mind for more important things.

As Levitin, author of 2014’s The Organized Mind, put it:

I think this is really important, that you write down all the things that you have to do, clear it out of your head so that you’re not using neuro resources with that little voice reminding you to pick up milk on the way home and to check to see if you paid the utility bill and that you have to call back Aunt Tilly because she left a voicemail and she’s going to worry and all this chatter – get it out of your head, write it down, then prioritize things.

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