The typical American family with kids spends $140 a week on groceries. Ouch!

Personally, we love chipping away at expected costs and saving money on everyday items, don’t you?

Here are some tips and tricks to saving more at the grocery store:

  • Pushing a huge grocery cart can influence you to buy more. Carry a basket or fill your own reusable bags ♻
  • Skip aisles where you don’t plan to buy anything! People spend 16% more due to unplanned purchases. The amount goes up the further you travel throughout the store. Fortunately, our free Chuze app has mapped out over 10,000 stores across the country for automatic aisle ordering of your shopping list, so you can avoid walking down the wrong aisles and being tempted by items you don’t need.
  • Blogger Tip: “Make sure you ask your store where their clearance is located. By tracking down the clearance area you can easily hit this section every time to see what’s new.” – Passion for Savings
  • Grocery store sales typically run from Wednesday to Tuesday. Ask for a rain check card if the store runs out of a promotional item. By law, the product will be yours at the sale price when it’s back in stock.
  • Use coupons and store sales to their max by planning meals around them, not the other way around. Get access to exclusive coupons with the Chuze
  • Blogger Tip: Plan out your menu for the week based on what’s on sale. If you don’t plan in advance then it’s tempting to buy the items already on your list as well as the ones that are on sale! – Hannah Eat Drink and Save Money
  • To avoid last minute candy impulse buys 🍬 at the grocery store, use self-checkout & scan your own items, you’ll be too busy to shop more :)
  • Blogger Tip:  Shop around at different stores for the best deals. Once you know what stores in your area have the best prices, you can start a weekly or monthly routine that includes visiting multiple stores. – Hannah Eat Drink and Save Money

  • Don’t shop Hangry!
  • Save Money On Groceries with these shopping tips

    Hungry shoppers are more tempted to buy more, so pop a mint it satiates hunger or eat 1 hour before grocery shopping!

  • Download Chuze app for IOS or Android to save time and money $$ on groceries today for FREE!
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