Professional chef's hands cooking pasta on a wooden worktop with vegetables, food ingredients and utensils, top view

Happy October 26, 2016!

Our deals are scary-good todayβ€”and we have a secret $5 promotion available only in our app, so get it before it’s gone. And that’s not all!

Go to print any Chuze coupons and you’ll automatically see over $700 in coupons! You can even clip and print them all in one go. Hit the Chuze it button in our app to add some deals and try it now! Today, we’re offering savings bundles like

πŸŽƒ A simple-but-special pasta dinner with Buitoni Fresh Pasta and Sauce
πŸŽƒ A cozy pancake breakfast with Hungry Jack and warm syrup
πŸŽƒ PLUS over $20 on diapers, wipes and balm! Yeah, baby!

Save for the fun stuff!
Erin from Chuze


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