Find coupons in a free shopping list app by typing in any generic grocery item.

Friends, this is a biggie! Now when you list any generic grocery item, you’ll see all the available coupons instantly!

We’ve talked to some of our users directly, so we know not everybody is used to making a list. But everyone we talk to says they WILL make a list if it saves them money—saving money is exactly what our FREE shopping list app will do for you.

You have savings goals and we’re here to help.
Even if you only manage to save $5 a day with us, that’s $1825 a year—and we KNOW you have great ideas for spending it. So make Chuze a habit, and use these 5 saving strategies every day!

1. Enter items into your Chuze list to check for coupons.
There are 3 ways to do it: enter a generic item (like cheese), enter a brand (like Sargento) or use our app to scan the barcodes of items you already have in the house.

When you add items to your list, you’ll see ALL the available coupons in that category RIGHT THERE.

2. Check our app for specials—they’re always changing!
When you open the Chuze app, you’ll see specials with a big old “Chuze It” button on top. Press ’em to add special coupon offers to your list.

3. Harness the power of Bundles!
When we find coupons that go together, we bundle them so you save more. So instead of saving on Taco Sauce, you’d save on all the Taco fixins. Just open the app anytime to see what’s new! Today we have all the ingredients to pack a lunch, like Oscar Meyer meat, Sargento cheese, Yoplai, Capri Sun and Ziploc. (Available while supplies last.)

4. Save trips to the store.
Save your time and money from unnecessary trips to the store by

  • Scanning items as they run out
  • Marking staple items as recurring
  • And never forgetting an item, because Chuze is always on your phone!

5. Share your Chuze list and let everybody help!
List-sharing is simple with Chuze. Share it so your partner can stop by on the way home. Or share it with the kids and let them scan items as they use them up. Family members can even see and add coupons on the spot—it’s actually really fun!

If you like what we’re about share us with your circle and help more people save for the fun stuff with Chuze!


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