Contest closed!
Congrats to our SIX lucky winners!

Edited to add a NEW CLUE!
Clue #1 was “flavored but not food.”
Clue #2 is “Mint your own beeswax!”

Happy Monday, Chuzers!

We hid a $50 bonus coupon in our app for you to find. Every day we’ll add another clue to find it, here and on Facebook.

To win:
1. Find the prize product & add to your list
2. PRINT the coupon right away
3. Be in the first 5 people to post a picture of your printed $50 coupon to the Facebook post with this clue. (We pinned it to the top of our Facebook page.)
4. Today’s clue is β€œflavored but not food.”
5. Now go find the secret $50 coupon!

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