Contest closed!
Congrats to our SIX lucky winners!

Edited to add a NEW CLUE!
Clue #1 was “flavored but not food.”
Clue #2 is “Mint your own beeswax!”

Happy Monday, Chuzers!

We hid a $50 bonus coupon in our app for you to find. Every day we’ll add another clue to find it, here and on Facebook.

To win:
1. Find the prize product & add to your list
2. PRINT the coupon right away
3. Be in the first 5 people to post a picture of your printed $50 coupon to the Facebook post with this clue. (We pinned it to the top of our Facebook page.)
4. Today’s clue is “flavored but not food.”
5. Now go find the secret $50 coupon!

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