march madness cash giveaway treasure hunt game in a coupon app

Play our championship series NOW! It’s multiple treasure hunts, cash prizes, and winners are entered to win an extra $100!

Here’s the first clue of the first game in the series:
This food grows on evergreen trees that can live to be over 1000 years old. 🌳

First clue for game 2:
Rearrange its letters, and this popular party food makes the anagram “Evenly Praised.”

HOW TO PLAY: Find the prize coupon in our app by using our daily clues to guess the specific prize product and enter it onto your Chuze list. (That’s the only way to find it.)

When you guess it right, a $25 coupon will pop up!

To enter, print the prize coupon, SIGN IT and post a picture of it in the comments of this Facebook post.

🏆 The first person to post a valid entry is entered into our $100 March Madness Drawing!

🏆 On Wednesday March 22nd we’ll random-select a $25 Visa Card winner from all posted entries at 9:00pm EST!

Chuze to shop smarter. Save time and money!
Be sure to make a list in our app to take advantage of our $1000 in coupons, matched to your list. And use our coupon browser to see what savings are available!

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